It’s the most wonderful time of the year! But if you’re one of the happy couples who have opted for a winter wedding, or simply someone who will be a guest at one, you might find yourself wondering about your wardrobe options.

As highlighted in our previous blog, wool and silk makes for perfect suit material for this time of year: the fabric is insulating and soft, but breathes well, meaning that you’re warmer in the cooler months. Wool fibres are also incredibly expendable – they can bend back on themselves 20,000 times without breaking. In comparison, it takes cotton 3,200 times to break.

Other fabrics that make for a smart, stylish yet warm suit are velvet and tweed, both of which offer a vintage charm and have come back in trend in recent years. However, it might feel a bit Willy Wonka for some – Josh Sims, writer for Fashion Beans, writes that ‘sober, well-cut tailoring will always trump the flashy in terms of elegance. You’re not there to drain attention from the groom.’ If the only velvet you can get your hands on is bright purple and doesn’t feel like you, pass.

The weight of the cloth is also something to take into consideration – between 14oz and 19oz is the best bet. You don’t want to be too weighed down, yet naturally the light weights of materials like linen are made for summer weddings and events. You want to feel insulated, and the heaviness of the material is a huge help in ensuring that.

For the bride, things get a little trickier – however, a fashionable and beautiful fur cloak has become a recent popular solution to the problem of the winter. Long sleeves are another elegant way to keep warm: nobody wants chattering teeth at the altar! Many women swear by shapewear for many reasons, but it is an intuitive way to keep warm under your dress. While most shapewear is ‘breathable,’ there are certain brands that create insulated shapewear to keep you warm as well as tucked in. Open back dresses should also be avoided if staying warm is one of your main concerns. Although it looks elegant, having such a large expanse of skin open to the elements is not practical in the colder months.

At Platt’s, we sell a wide variety of men’s knitwear and coats to keep you warm from the world’s finest designers, such as Gant, Marc Darcy, Eton and Roy Robson. If you’re a guest at a wedding that might leave you shivering, be sure to check out our ranges in store that are bound to keep you cosy!

If you’re the groom, or a guest of honour, you can check out our wide range of suits online or instore. To make an appointment, email us at [email protected] or call 01270 580716.